Register a Taggisar

NOTE: If you already have a registered Taggisar, scroll further down on this page and read about how to reach the Admin Portal.

Here you register your new Taggisar. Just follow these easy steps.

1. You have bought them in our shop and got them delivered to you.

2. Open the package and find the stickers inside the package.

3. Locate the unique urls specified on each sticker. They look similar to this:
The ef56wt2 is an example of the code we ask for below. NOTE: Do not enter the 4 digit PIN code below. The correct code includes 7 characters.

4. Fill in this information in the form here and press Submit.

Select domain: Enter your code:

5. Then you will reach a wizard where you fill in your information.

6. Done!  Thanks for using Taggisar!

ps. Another way is to enter the unique url directly in the address field of your browser. ds.


Taggisar Admin Portal

We have a Taggisar admin portal where you easily can administrate all your Taggisar.

You login to the portal here:

If you do not have an account since before,
just click here to sign-up:

Note: Your login credentials to the admin portal is your email address and a separate password (not the PIN code). The PIN code is used to unlock and lock your stickers for editing.