Buy ICE stickers

Here you can purchase our ICE stickers – stickers that can save lives!

In the stickers you save contact information and medical alert information.

Put the stickers on any item you wear or carry with you.

Available in 2-packs or 5-packs

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ICE Taggisar - 2-pack ENG (Package front 900x900)ICE Taggisar - 2-pack ENG (Package back 900x900)

Q: Why shall I use these ICE stickers?
A: It is an easy way to share who you are and to share what is important about you in case of an emergency.

Q: How do I enter my information?
A: First time you scan a sticker you fill in your information. You can go back and edit at anytime.

Q: How do I scan the stickers?
A: With any QR reader app. You can download the Taggisar app from App Store or Google Play

Q: Is each sticker unique?
A: Yes, you can save different information in each sticker.

Q: What does the Alarm feature?
A: It sends a text message to your emergency contacts with a link showing your actual location.

Q: Is it a one off payment?
A: Yes, there is no subscription fee. 2-pack 6.99 USD. 5-pack 14.99 USD.

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