ICE stickers – step-by-step

The purpose of the ICE stickers is to easily share information and to easily to get in contact with people that can help In the Case of an Emergency.

1. Purchase ICE stickers 

First step is to order some ICE stickers in our shop. Once you have received them, you open the package and start to register your information.

2. Register your information

On each ICE sticker you find a QR code and a link. You either scan the QR code with an app in your smart phone, or you visit the link from

any connected device. Once doing this, you will find a form where you fill in your information. A few easy steps.

If you need an app for your smart phone to scan QR codes, we suggest you to download the Taggisar from App Store or Google Play.

3. Place your ICE stickers

Once you have registered your information, you shall now place the ICE stickers on suitable places. If you ride bicycle, a very good idea

is to place on sticker on your helmet, and one on your bike. Another good place is to stick on sticker on the back of your mobile and on the

back of your credit card.

Some extra steps if you like: 

1. Upload a picture of yourself. 

This makes it much easier to understand that the information in the sticker is really about you.

2. Send out a test alarm 

The stickers are equipped with an alarm feature. By pressing the Alarm button, you can instantly send out a text message and email to your emergency contacts. The message will include a link to your ICE profile and a link showing on a map where you at the moment. (This map link requires that the smart phone scanning the tag allows the reading of GPS coordinates)

3. Copy or Link your information to new stickers

If you want to have many ICE stickers with the same information you easily copy the information from one of the stickers to a new empty one. Sign-up for an account and make sure you are logged in while scanning or visiting the ICE stickers. The service will ask you if you want to copy the information when visiting a new sticker. You can also use the “Connect ICE” function that links empty stickers to one “master” stickers. This is neat since you only need to modify your information in that master, and all other stickers will be updated.