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Please enjoy meeting our members in Team Taggisar! Cool riders with tagged gears. Do as they do, be safe – wear a helmet and wear ICE!
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- Harriet Russ, BMX rider, UK

- Calvin Cheung, Roadcycling rider, UK

- Dennis Hobbs, British Superbike rider, UK

- Collette Allmark, BMX rider, UK

- Vinnie Morgan, BMX rider, UK

- Ben Mills, Roller Skate rider, UK


- Sean Brouns, BMX rider, Belgium

- Jules Ickmans, BMX rider, Belgium

- Mathias Souwens, BMX rider, Belgium

- Joel Laan, BMX rider, Belgium

- Seppe Vangeenberghe, BMX rider, Belgium

- Roby Burggraeve, BMX rider, Belgium

- Jochen Seifert, BMX rider, Belgium

- Yenthe Putzeys, BMX rider, Belgium

- Glen Gossens, BMX rider, Belgium


- Job Beerman, BMX rider, Netherlands

- Miguel Ririassa, BMX rider, Netherlands

- Mike Smits, BMX rider, Netherlands

- Merlijn Rorink, BMX rider, Netherlands

- Damien van Wingerde, BMX rider, Netherlands

- Danny Rikken, BMX rider, Netherlands

- Sharon de Ruiter, BMX rider, Netherlands

- Koos Baas, BMX rider, Netherlands

- Deon Bijkerk, BMX rider, Netherlands


- Zach Worley, BMX rider, USA

- Ryan Dare, BMX rider, USA

- Jose Lizardo, BMX rider, USA

- Jared Garfield, BMX and MTB rider, USA

Spain, New Zealand and Brazil

- Joan Albert, BMX rider, Spain Ibiza Balearic

- Paige Paterson, Japan Keirin rider, New Zealand

- Priscila Apocalypse, MTB rider, Brazil


- Fredrik Haugen, MTB rider and skier, Sweden/Norway

- Mathias Thörnblom, Speedway rider, Sweden


- Ty Rodgers, BMX rider, Australia

- Bailey Horlock, BMX rider, Australia

- Alex McCallum, BMX rider, Australia

- Fabian Meharry, BMX rider, Australia

- Jesse Nelson, BMX rider, Australia

- Jesse 14, BMX rider, Australia

- Jacko, BMX rider, Australia

- Robert Stevens, Scooter rider, Australia

- Lewis Cromey, BMX rider, Australia


- Giano Vacca, BMX rider, Germany

- Christopher Sturm, BMX rider, Germany

- Tom Knieling, BMX rider, Germany

- Levi Raphael, BMX rider, Germany

- Jason Pascher, BMX rider, Germany


- Noah Shumka, BMX rider, Canada

- Cory lahey, BMX rider, Canada

- Kaiden Jackson, Scooter rider, Canada

- Dorian Giordano, BMX rider, Canada

- Brent Thomas, Scooter rider, Canada

- Cristian whitelaw, BMX rider, Canada

How to join the team?

We love cool riders! Fill in this form and tag @taggisar #taggisar in your posts to Instagram and we will check it out. If you don’t hear from us, don’t loose faith, we can just be busy taking care of our current team and customers. Tips and tricks to get our attention: Wear a helmet when you ride! A lot of riders content in your feed. You do not have to be a pro rider, but we must be able to feel and see your energy in your pictures and clips. If you get on board we will sponsor you with free products for yourself and for you to share with friends. We will make shoutouts and video edits of your content. Last but not least – you will be part of a global movement to save lives by using new cool technology! #besafewearice

Team Taggisar riders

As a team rider you have the possibility to ride as a sponsored Taggisar rider at contests and competitions. If your application gets approved we will pay you the entry fee for the event. You wear our T-shirts and stickers during the ride. You win and we get a lot of pictures of you on the podium and when you are riding. We love to see great riders in our products.

Earn money on Taggisar?

If you are interested you have the possibility to earn money by selling our ICE stickers. You could sell to friends and family, to a retail shop, or you engage your sport team or school class to sell ICE stickers. Drop us an email at for more details.


Tagged Associations and Teams

- Team Rynkeby

- Swedish Diabetes Association

- Diabetes UK

- Speedway Gnistorna

- Alzheimer association in Sweden

- / Cancer Buddies

- FOP Sweden

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